Our history

More than 20 years of top hospitality..

   Our motel history began in 1989 when Kryoneri started becoming a famous travel destination for Greeks and Europeans. Mourkos family started building the facilities in the middle 80's and completed it in 1989 and has since established its long and successful presence in the Greek tourism industry. An entire new two wing motel became a reality and one of the first motels was built in Kryoneri.

   Mourkos Rent Rooms due to the high service quality, the passion for work, the friendly atmosphere and the Greek sense of hospitality was rapidly evolved in a famous motel in the entire region of western Greece. The clientele has remained intact and new people keep visiting us every year. Our clients range from lonely travelers and couples with kids to entire families and company stuff.

   The entire facility was built between the mountain of Varassova and the sea which makes the view, from the balconies, amazing!

   The company’s aim is to remain loyal to the Greek traditional concept of hospitality and in parallel expand its operations by constantly improving the services it offers.